What If…Women Could Write and Draw Comics?

Marvel announced an upcoming mini-series called GIRL COMICS. The title is somewhat unfortunate, though admittedly playful, but the books will include contributions from a list of impressive female creators, including Amanda Conner, Colleen Coover, and Kathryn Immonen.

The first cover, by Amanda Conner (see above), is completely awesome.

This is what I am truly hoping for with Girl Comics: I want the comics to be ridiculous enough to match the ridiculous title. I want it to be silly and fun and gratuitous and shamelessly girly. I want the male superheroes exploited. I want a shirtless Daredevil centrefold. I want a soft focus every time Winter Soldier appears. I want a round table "Who would you do?" discussion between all of the women on that cover (especially Sue Storm, because you know it would make her uncomfortable at first). I want Namor to appear in this series for whatever reason. I want a bunch of ladies to pull a prank on Tony Stark because he deserves it. I want to see dating and drinking and shopping punctuated by the occasional ass-kicking. I want Iron Man and Captain America to finally kiss.

Marvel has taken a few stabs at making comics for women lately. MARVEL DIVAS had a promising start, and nice artwork, but quickly turned into a story about breast cancer, which is not my favourite premise for a superhero story. As far as I know, proceeds from that comic weren’t even going to breast cancer research, so it really was just a complete downer with no purpose.

So what I am saying is that I am going to be optimistic about Girl Comics, because the talent line-up is mostly pretty exciting, and because it might be fun! Or it might be about breast cancer. I hope not.

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7 Responses to “What If…Women Could Write and Draw Comics?”

  1. Brian says:

    What an awesome cover and what a horrible title for that series, maybe not as bad as “Marvel Divas” but close.

  2. Dean says:

    Tony Stark should always have a trucker-stache.

    Based on the list of creators involved, I am really looking forward to this. Even if it does include Iron Man-Captain America makeouts.

  3. Gary says:

    That is an excellent inker for Amanda Conner, but an unfortunately inaccurate (inconsistent?) drawing of Tony Stark. A “trucker-stache”… I wondered who that WAS for a second when I first saw the cover.

    If you want to see women dish on the men of the MU, check out Avengers West Coast Annual 4, the Atlantis Attacks crossover, which has a nice little backup story of the Wasp and She-Hulk using the Avengers’ private movie theatre to ogle their male teammates and “Rate the Hunks” (the title of the backup). It’s fun.

  4. McBangle says:

    I want Iron Man and Captain America to finally kiss.


  5. Wrye says:

    As regards fun, the involvement of Colleen Coover and Amanda Conner gives huge grounds for optimism. Fingers crossed!

  6. Some people are never satisfied. There is already a movie where Iron Man and Spider-Man have sex. And now you want Tony/Steve make-outs as well…

  7. brainypirate says:

    Ooh, a Tony/Steve kiss sounds hot — as long as it’s a real kiss and not one of those European-greeting-1/2-second-touching-lips things….

    Darn, they should have had a storyline where the only thing that could bring Steve back to life was the kiss of 12 “princes” — don’t you think the world’s greatest male heroes would be willing to kiss a guy if it brought him back to life???

    Daredevil shirtless? Okay — but remember that recent scene of Hawkeye in his undies? Let’s have more of that! And Johnny Storm too!

    I’d love to see more artwork where the guys’ butts and chests are placed in the foreground of panels the way we usually see women’s butts and chests exploited.

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