Rating the Super Hunks #24: Catman

In honour of Cat Week, I am going to examine a guy who has been around the DCU for a long time, but has only recently converted to hunkdom. Not unlike Kiefer Sutherland, Catman only became sexy when he was given a starring role in a series. For this we can thank Gail Simone, who saw the potential for hunkiness where no one else did. So let’s all take a good, long, dreamy look at

Thomas Blake, aka Catman

Costume/Appearance: Well, y’know. His costume is basically Batman’s. And it doesn’t help that he broke onto the scene back in the sixties as a villain who was ripping off both Catwoman and Batman.

But the claw marks on the front, matching the real scar underneath, add a bold, seductive touch. And the brown and gold colour palate he has gone with as of late is working for him. And he fills the suit out nicely.

Sans costume, Thomas Blake is a blonde (or possibly red-headed depending on the artist), ripped, square-jawed and frequently shirtless dreamboat. He has a macho permanent stubble and loose locks thing going on, not unlike Sawyer from Lost but possibly with more shampoo.


I am going to give Catman full marks for looks, but he will lose points on the unoriginal costume choice.


Personality: Who doesn’t love a sexy anti-hero? We all love Superman and everything, but there’s something extra delicious about a villain with morals. He’s the unofficial leader of the Secret Six, commanding respect with his relative sanity, his awesome fighting skills, and his perfectly sculpted chest.

Let’s not forget that this guy hit rock bottom not long before joining up with the Six. He was fat, disgraced, and suicidal when he decided that, rather than offing himself, he would move to Africa, get ripped and come back with a vengeance. And you have to respect that.

Not as terrifying as his sexy pal Deadshot, but by no means a sappy good guy, Catman has a perfect balance of good and…well, I don’t want to say ‘evil’, but certainly ‘self-interest.’


Sexiness of Super Powers: According to Wikipedia, Catman is "an Olympic-level athlete and skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He is also one of the world’s finest hunters and trackers." So basically, if you are choosing a partner for The Amazing Race, this is your guy.


Day Job: The only job Catman has is working with the Secret Six to kill people who are even worse than they are for large amounts of money. Since I didn’t fault Jonah Hex for being a bounty hunter, I can’t really take points away from Catman on this one. Or can I? Hex is an entrepreneur, and he works alone. That makes his work slightly sexier.

But I do love the "will-they-or-won’t-they" romance he shares with Deadshot.


Cons: You could argue that Catman is a much lesser Batman, and why eat hamburger when you can eat Bruce Wayne? He’s a B-lister for sure, but he clawed his way up (pun!) from D-list, so that’s something. We can’t really ignore the fact that, for many decades, this guy was a total joke. And, y’know, he kills a lot of people.

He’s the first villain, if we can consider him that, to be rated among the Super Hunks, so I’ll go easy on him. For a villain, he has surprisingly few flaws.

- 2


I’m afraid so, Catman. But that is a perfectly respectable score! In fact, that ties you with Iron Fist, so not bad at all! Especially considering the dramatic and sexy comeback from being a fat loser.

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8 Responses to “Rating the Super Hunks #24: Catman”

  1. Scott says:

    I think we should bear in mind that he was only ever a fat loser because the guy who wrote Identity Crisis made him into a joke in his Green Arrow series. Being a character that Brad Metzler messed up shouldn’t count against anybody.

  2. Sallyp says:

    Gosh I’ve missed rating the super hunks. And it is SO appropriate for Catman to be so honored in Cat Week.

    Let’s face it, Thomas Blake IS hot. Amazingly so. And he has all that moral ambiguity, which is irresistable when you’re a good-looking bad boy. Huntress may protest all she wants, but you know she’s attracted.

  3. Cassandra says:

    I thought that before Bane took over Scandal was the unofficial leader. (I could be wrong.)
    Either way totally agreed with your article, Catman’s abs w00t!

  4. Johnathan says:

    Secret Six is weird in that at least half of the characters are unofficial leaders. I think Scandal was the official unofficial leader, but Bane, Catman and whatsherbansheeface all take their turns in the sun.

  5. I think we can agree that Catman is a leader, if not the leader. Rag Doll, for example, is not a leader.

  6. Sallyp says:

    …but he’s one HECK of a follower!

  7. Matt Bird says:

    I love Catman. He was the bad guy in my very first Batman comic, Detective #509, in 1981, drawn by the late, great Don Newton. Back then he had a magic cape that gave him nine lives, and that was pretty much his gimmick. I guess that’s long gone. He was pretty much of a sad sack even back then.

    I suppose I should give Secret Six a shot, since I keep hearing good things about it and I loved both Suicide Squad and the previous versions of the Secret Six. I had no idea that there was still a “Mockingbird” running the group. That makes me want to read it more. I’m pretty old school, though, and I fear that it will be too bleak and/or gruesome for me.

  8. Epsilon says:

    I found this site fairly sometime in the last couple of months, and have been frantically checking ever since to see if the superhunks are updated, because good god they are fantastic. Just…panel choice and commentary and everything. Gloriously funny. Keep it up!

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