Halloween Pictures!!!

Here are some pics from the party I went to last night. Lots of great (and many nerdy) costumes!

I can’t get enough of looking at pictures of that Sesame Street alien doing things. It just kills me.

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13 thoughts on “Halloween Pictures!!!”

  1. Great costumes & great pictures but who is the guy with the red hair & glasses supposed to be ?


  2. I…I never get to go to cool parties like this! I especially loved Captain Boomerang. THAT’S not something you pick up at IParty!

  3. Oh wow, Captain Boomerang should not be that cute! Did she wear a crazy Australian accent too?

    I don’t know, that looks more like Matter Drinker Lad to me…

    And yeah, that Sesame Street muppet thing rules.

  4. The eyes on the Sesame Street thing are what crack me up every time. All the costumes looked pretty awesome, was one guy Hush?

  5. Big ups to the guy who was driven enough to make and wear a Matter-Eater Lad costume. That’s awesome. He’s awesome.

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