The Unfunnies: Henrietta Needs Ten-Spot

Man, I’ve really been delving into the depths of time with these things lately. This one, for example, is from Action Comics No 11:

I’m not too partial to the "young child so naive that they’re effectively stupid" type of character, but I do have to admit to having a soft spot for Henrietta thanks to this comic. That kid is a problem-solver.

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One Response to “The Unfunnies: Henrietta Needs Ten-Spot”

  1. damanoid says:

    Pa, you dolt. The failure of your cockamamie lesson in frugality was roundly deserved. If you’re comfortable gluing a ten-dollar bill to the ground just to prove a point, you really have no business lecturing others on matters of financial prudence. Don’t you know there’s a Depression? Ten bucks is practically an entire week’s wages. You’re lucky you didn’t come back to find a huge pile of dead migrant workers, their carcasses still entwined in the throes of mortal combat over your little prank.

    Come to think of it, what the hell kind of doll sells for ten bucks in such an economy? What features could it possible boast to merit such an outrageous price? Does it make breakfast? Maybe Pa’s outrage is not out of place.

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